Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvest Festival 2013! This Saturday, October 12th, 12-5pm at The Evergreen Organic Farm.
* Please note: The last workshops that appear to begin at 4:30pm, will actually begin at 4pm (Canning, Seed Saving, etc.)

Noon- 12:30PM


Sourdough Bread Making

Beer Making

Food Policy

Mead Making

Seed Saving

Near the Info Table


Fire Cider

Edible Forest Walk

Farm Kitchen

      A More Perfect Pie Crust


Raw Food Demo


Down by the Farm

Aquaponics Tour

Aquaponics Tour

Aquaponics Tour

Art Mural
Pumpkin Carving
Face Painting

Farmhouse Main Room
Garlic Tasting with Peter Pesseki
Community Tabling and Local Vendors

Food Forest Planning
with Pat Rasmussen

The Barn
Cider Press ALL DAY!

Music Stage

Soul Provider

Hedge Hag
Shucking Competition

Dan Dillon

Farewell to the Woods
Oyster Shucking

No Body

At The
Community Gardens

Community Gardens Tour

Composting Workshop
Community Gardens Tour

Jasmine Dragon Tea Truck

Demeter’s Garden

Natural Building: Earthen Plaster

Mushroom Identification Walk

Mushroom Inoculation
Song, Poetry
& Story Circle

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harvest Festival, 2012

Harvest Festival 2012 will be on Saturday, October 20.

Music and dancing, food, fun, workshops, pumpkin carving

and more. Updates to follow soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Schedule for Harvest Festival (subject to change)

Saturday, October 22 Noon - 6 pm
at The Evergreen Organic Farm
(click on image for zoom view)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Calling All Craftspeeps and Musicians!!

 Harvest Festival! October 22nd

Calling all Craftspeople and Musicians! This year's Harvest Festival is slated for October 22nd. I would really like to see community artisans and musicians there. We will have two or three bands playing the main stage at different times of the day but it would be great to have musicians throughout the festival grounds. Guitars,
banjos, mandolins, etc. Solo or in groups. Possible song circles if they are up for it. I would also like to have a drumming circle out in the “back 40” (if weather permits).  I will be hitting the circus group up too, to see if they want to perform. I also think it would
be cool to have craftspeople at tables selling their wares. The rules of the institution say I have to charge a vending fee but I get to set the fee so it will be low for community artisans and super low for students. 
We need to know in advance so we can set up areas and tables so if you know of any musicians or crafty people who would like to hang out at The Evergreen Organic Farm Saturday, October 22nd, please have them contact me. I am starting the sign up sheet now.

Warning for newcomers to the PNW: There is a better chance of rain than not. 
We will have covered areas and awnings but it could be a wet day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Meeting with Farm

We had our first Harvest Festival planning meeting with the farm today. Matthew from the Community Garden, Courtney from Student Activities, Stephen the P.S.A. faculty and Halli the farm manager attended. It was a great meeting and it's a big relief to know that the farm is fully on board to do Harvest Festival with us. The P.S.A. team members are already coming up with great ideas for workshops and we ironed out several details.